Strait Gate and Narrow Way

Strait gate narrow way

I have what I personally call ‘God Speaks’ moments. These are times when I receive a word from God that is clear and direct and I know that I know that I know that it is straight from God to me.

The other morning, I woke up to a ‘God Speaks.’ It was clear and direct and He said ‘Strait and narrow.’

I walked into the bathroom meditating on ‘Strait and narrow.’ Why was God telling me ‘Strait and narrow?’ Then I reflected on Jesus’ words from Matthew 7:13-14 KJV.

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Love: A Key to Spiritual Growth


The post below was written by my dear friend and fellow worker in Christ Jesus who chose to remain anonymous. She is a beautiful woman of God, a wife and mother who has an insatiable desire for the things of God. She has been at my side since the inception of this blog serving as my accountability partner and content editor. I bless God for her life.

Spiritual growth

 Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. 1John 4:7-8 (NIV)

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Beauty in Christ: The Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit

If you are anything like me, you may work really hard to pick out the perfect outfit everyday; but especially before an outing or a big occasion. However, our spiritual clothing is far more important than the visible physical clothes we have on. Our inner lives and hearts are critical because the thoughts and intents of our hearts eventually flow out especially under pressure (Luke 6:45).

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Raison d’être: The Reason for your Existence

Raison d'être: The Reason for your existence

Raison d’être is a French phrase, which according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is defined as “the thing that is most important to someone or something: the reason for which a person or organization exists.”

I stumbled upon this phrase a few months ago and it immediately struck to the core of my being. I asked myself the same questions I’m asking you now: ‘Are you personally aware of the reason for your existence? If so, are you fulfilling the ultimate purpose of your life?’

We will tackle these two questions in this post starting with the first one.

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Walking in Holiness: A Bible Study


As children of God, we are called to walk in holiness.

However, holiness is frequently viewed as a huge unattainable feat. As an attribute that describes God and Jesus, but not us. After all, ‘we are only humans.’ But regardless of how we may feel, the believers in the New Testament were often referred to as holy, which means that holiness is also for us today.

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Included ‘In Christ’

In Christ

And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Ephesians 1:13a

Being included feels good. It boosts our fragile self ego. We can clamor for inclusion into a club, honor society, a particular circle of friends, or even a ministry in church. Striving for inclusion can wear you out very quickly (trust me, I’ve been there).

However, no matter what you have ever desired to be included in, STOP!!, take a deep breath and rest in the fact that if you are a believer, you have been included ‘in Christ.’

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Healing of the leper: My favorite miracle

Healing of the leper

In Matthew 8:1-4 we are given the account of the healing of the leper by Jesus Christ.

As a result of his devastating skin disease, the man was ostracized and deemed unclean and untouchable. The leprous man knelt before Jesus and said to him “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.”

He did not question Jesus’ ability to heal, but he had some reservations about his willingness. He believed Jesus could heal him, but he doubted if Jesus would heal him. Jesus reached out his hand, touched the man and said to him “I am willing, be clean” and he was immediately cleansed of his leprosy!!

So the question is this: Why is this my favorite miracle?

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